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Marketing Position

MT is middle-high class amp for professional fixed installation market. It aims at real professional market, while with very attractive price. It is a good choice for the project which has a tight budget.
It can be used for large performance, big  disco, nightclub, stadium, cinema and so on.


Design Idea

1)    Precise & comprehensive protection system
2)    Very nice sound dynamic
3)    Very stable performance
4)    High reliability
5)    High quality-price ratio

Special materials

1)    The semi-conductor of MT is with world recognized brand “Toshiba”.
2)    We have specially made ODM capacitors, you can do marketing as high-class to ensure bigger profit margin.

3)    “Carling switch” circuit breaker to ensure very good DC inrush protection.

4)    Our two cooling fans are very efficient. 


Performance advantages

1)   Specialized and perfect limiter to protect your sound system effectively. And you can choose the limiter by switch for different sound  requirements.
2)    The lowest power consumption is less than 0.1A when working without load.
3)    Damping Factor is more than 500.
4)    Slew Rate is equal and more than 25V/us.
5)    The Phase Response is ±10°.
6)    The frequency Response is 20Hz-20KHz ±0.5dB.
7)    The S/N is more than 100dB, and Crosstalk is more than 60dB.
8)    MT can work very stable at 2ohm with music signal.
9)    The reliability rate can reach above 99%.
10)  Professional design to improve the reliability effectively during the transportation such as touring performance.

Special Circuits:

We have got many patents on MT special circuit designs.
1)    Special SLDDTM sound dynamic processing circuit. 100ms limiter delay, plus 8V limiter and accurate DC protection value. Different  frequency makes the different delay value. This SLDDTM can make the best sound dynamic with electric feel and peak power. 
2)    Special LRSTM short circuit protection. When the output is short circuit, it can mute the input signal and switch off the relay. At the same time, it locks the amp by circuit. You need to switch off the amp and then switch on again to restart the amp. LRSTM short circuit protection can make sure of the reliability of the whole sound system.
3)    Perfect LXTM input overload limiter protect. You'll never hear distortion. And it can protect the loudspeakers very well. Moreover, LXTM is working with sound dynamic. Different frequencies and temperature, LXTM is working differently to make sure of the protection of amps and speakers, and the nice sound dynamic.


Special Outlook Image Design:

1)    The front panel design is patent.
2)    MT has very professional rear panel layout. The layout is according to function module. And it is stuck with PVC. The outlook image is very elegant.
3)    We have specially designed the back ears to make the installation of amplifier to the flight case much easier.
4)    We have specially made ODM capacitors. You can market as higher class to ensure bigger profit margin.



Rated Power

2x 1200W(8Ω stereo)
2 x1800 W(4Ω stereo)
2 x2400 W(2Ω stereo)
3600W(8Ω bridge)
4800W(4Ω bridge)
Filter 100Hz
Low cut 30Hz
Frequency Response (1W 8Ω stereo) 20Hz~20KHz(±0.3dB)
Sensitivity (8Ω stereo & 1KHz): 0.775V / 1.0V / 1.44V
Mode Stereo / Parallel / Bridge
Fan speed regulation two-speed
Input connectors Jack & female Neutrik XLR
Output connectors Binding post & Neutrik Speakon
Filter Capability 10000μf / 100V × 12
Input impedance 20k(Balanced) / 10k (Unbalanced)
Crosstalk ( 20Hz-20kHz,Rated Power 8Ω) ≥62dB
S/N ratio(Rated Power 8Ω ≥105dB
Damping Factor (1KHz, 8Ω) ≥800
Intermodulation Distortion ≤0.1%
Total Harmonic Distortion(20Hz~20KHz Rated Power, 8Ω) ≤0.1%
Phase response(1W & 8Ω 20Hz-20kHz) ±10°
Slew Rate ≥30V/μs
Output circuitry Class H+
Protection DC protection/Short circuit protection/High temperature protection/Input overload protection/Output overload protection/Soft start protection
Height 3U
Dimension(WxHxD) 483 x132x483mm
Net weight 38.0Kg