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Marketing Position
VS series is mid-class amplifier especially designed for retail and DJ market. It is an extremely high quality-price ratio product and suitable for the application when your budget is limited.

Design Idea

Modularized and compact design makes the outlook elegant

Precise and comprehensive protection system ensures a stable performance, safety and reliability and dynamic sound.


1.Perfect Protection System

A. Unique LXTM Linear Limiter Protection Circuit

The linear limiter protection value is as high as 8V. LXTM can track the temperature, power,frequency and adjust the limiter automatically in time to ensure the safety and the dynamic sound of the system.

B. The DC protection is ±1.5V, which can protect the speaker efficiently.

2.Beautiful and Dynamic Sound
A. Class AB Circuit for VS600/VS1000/VS1500

With HIFI sound quality and class AB circuit, the amplifiers are ideal for the applications that do not require high power.

B. SLDDTM Sound Dynamic Processing Circuit

The limiter delay is 0.5dB—0.8dB and the input limiter is 8V. The SLDDTM protects the system without compromising the sound dynamics. The sound is more penetrating, powerful and with electric feel.

C. Special VLTM Crossover Circuit Design

VLTM crossover circuit, designed as 24dB/oct, is connected with filter, which not only provides a good impulse and feedback effect, but also ensures low total power consumption. The crossover point is 6dB and the crossover frequency is 125Hz, so phase change switch is not necessary. It is a good choice for subwoofer and small-sized sound system.

D. The slew rate >30V/us ensures the dynamic sound. Even for very fast and strong signal, it can deliver well with high fidelity.

E. For each model of VS/VP here, three sensitivities are available, which provides the amplifier with more connection ways and better working environment.


3.Stable and Reliable Performance

In addition to working stably in an extreme environment for a long time, VS/VP can also work at 2Ω stereo with excellent overload protection. In case the power is over the rated power, the amplifier will be locked automatically.

 4.High-efficient Cooling System

The cooling system for VS/VP is with two-level speed. The cooling fan operates with slow speed when the amplifier starts up, but with full speed when the temperature in the amp reaches 50℃(120℉)

5.Professional Outlook Design

A. The front panel is made of aluminum, the rear panel PVC, which gives the amplifier an elegant appearance.

B. LCD in the front panel shows you the working temperature, working mode and protection status. With more technology, the amplifier allows users to know the working status in a direct way.

6.High Quality-price Ratio



  VS600 VS1000


Rated Power

2x 200W(8Ω stereo) 2x 350W(8Ω stereo) 2x 450W(8Ω stereo)
2 x300 W(4Ω stereo) 2 x500 W(4Ω stereo) 2 x700 W(4Ω stereo)
2 x310 W(2Ω stereo) 2 x550 W(2Ω stereo) 2 x750 W(2Ω stereo)
550W(8Ω bridge) 1000W(8Ω bridge) 1400W(8Ω bridge)
700W(4Ω bridge) 1100W(4Ω bridge) 1500W(4Ω bridge)
Frequency Response (1W 8Ω stereo) 20Hz~20KHz(±0.3dB) 20Hz~20KHz(±0.3dB) 20Hz~20KHz(±0.3dB)
Sensitivity (8Ω stereo & 1KHz): 1.0V 1.0V 1.0V
Mode Stereo / Parallel / Bridge Stereo / Parallel / Bridge Stereo / Parallel / Bridge
Filter Capability 10000μf / 35V × 4 10000μf / 35V × 4 10000μf / 35V × 4
Damping Factor (1KHz, 8Ω) ≥300 ≥300 ≥300
Intermodulation Distortion ≤0.01% ≤0.01% ≤0.01%
Total Harmonic Distortion(20Hz~20KHz Rated Power, 8Ω) ≤0.01% ≤0.01% ≤0.01%
Slew Rate ≥30V/μs ≥30V/μs ≥30V/μs
Output circuitry Class AB Class AB Class AB
Protection DC protection/short circuit protection/overheat protection/output overload protection/soft start protection DC protection/short circuit protection/overheat protection/output overload protection/soft start protection DC protection/short circuit protection/overheat protection/output overload protection/soft start protection
Dimension(WxHxD) 483 x88x386.5mm 483 x88x386.5mm 483 x88x386.5mm
Net weight 12.5Kg 15.0Kg 19.0Kg